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Skiszene Altenberger


How do I need to do the registration at the ski school?

You will find two offices of our ski school at the Asitz-Kabinenbahn cable car valley station and 1 office at the Steinbergbahn cable car valley station.  

Where is the meeting point for the ski courses?

You will find our instructors from 9:30 o´clock at the entrance of the children's playland at the Asitz-Kabinenbahn cable car valley station behind the Villa Kunterbunt or at the Steinbergbahn cable car at the KrallerAlm. Please make sure that the children are equipped with a helmet and a valid lift pass.   

When do the courses start?

Our ski lessons start at 10 o´clock. We start our courses on Sunday and Monday. In the high season also daily.

When do I have to be at the meeting point?

On the first day we ask to be at the meeting point at 9:30 o´clock in order to be able to check the performance level and to find the perfect group for you.  

How do I recognize my ski instructor?

You recognize your instructor with the friendly smile and the white and red ski suits. If you cannot find our instructors simply contact us and we will help you.

Ski lessons and skills

How will I be classified for the right group?

On the first day you show us in a short run your ski or snowboard skills. Our master-instructors assign you then to the right group.  

Can I change the group

Should it turn out that your skill does not match with the group you can easily switch the next day to another group. Please just contact your ski instructor.

For how many days I should book a course?

That depends on what you want to learn. Most of the people book a 3-day course.

Can I extend the course?

A daily extension is possible in any case. The extension can be made in consultation with our office. Prerequisite: Minimum 3 people in the group.

Is it also possible to make a trial cours?

Parents do not often know whether their kids are ready for skiing or not. Therefore, we offer the possibility to book a trial course. The course lasts from 10 am until 12 am. After that you and your kids can still decide if the child wants to participate in further courses or would rather stay at the Krallis Kids Club or the Villa Kunterbunt, our kindergartens.

How many students are in one group?

A ski course starts from up to 3 people and usually not more than 12.

With how many adults or children can I book a private course?

The number of adults or children is entirely up to you. The pricing you can find here.

Prices and services

How many lessons do I get on a one-day course?

Our children's lessons go from 10 am until 12 am. After the lunch break (one hour) we start again from 1 pm to 3 pm o´clock. The adults’ lessons are from 10 am to 12.30 pm. The private lessons can vary according to your wishes – please ask your private instructor in consultation with our office.

How much is a 3-day course?

Find it right here!

Where can I get the equipment?

You get your equipment right at the Asitzbahn cable car or Steinbergbahn cable car valley station at Sport Mitterer. They also offer a storage room.  

How do I know what kind of equipment I need?

The professional staff at the ski shop are pleased to advise you and provide you with the right equipment. Our instructors are also have to advise you in your choice.

Is the equipment included in the course rate?

No. The rental of the equipment is not included in the price. If you book your equipment online you receive a 10 % online discount at Sport Mitterer.

Do I need a lift ticket?

Yes and the lift ticket is not included in the course rate. Everybody requires a lift ticket. Beginners can save money with purchasing point-tickets or tickets for the lifts for beginners. Please check with your ski instructor.

How much does a lift pass cost?

Lift tickets are getting cheaper the longer they are. Information of all lift pass prices you can find under:

Are there any discount cards?

Yes, here are all the prices!
Easter bonus: Children born 2006 and younger receive a free ski pass from the purchase of a 4-day ski pass (or longer) of a parent for the same period (from 01.04.2022).

Is the lift ticket included in the course price?
No. The lift ticket is not included in the course price.

What does a lift ticket cost?
Lift tickets become cheaper the longer they are valid. Information about all lift ticket prices can be found at:


Does my child need a lift ticket?

Yes. Even the little ones need a lift ticket. If the children are born in 2014 or younger they get the lift ticket for free (a proof of age is required, ticket personal - with photo). Information of all lift ticket prices you can find under:

Will my child be supervised during the lunch break?

Yes, within our children’s courses a lunchtime supervision is included as well as lunch and beverages. Our instructors take care also during this time. If you want to enjoy lunch with your child you have the opportunity to book a course without lunchtime supervision. Nevertheless, for the companionship it is advisable to leave the child with the group. Please ask the instructors where the lunch break takes place and where you can meet your child.  

Is there a child care also for small non-skiers?

Yes of course. We take also care of your child the whole day in our Villa Kunterbunt or Krallis Kids Club, allowing you a carefree day of skiing. For more information click here.  

From what age my child can learn to ski?

We recommend a minimum age of three years. From that age on you can expect a chance of success of 95 %. In some cases you can start only with 5 years.

Is there also a ski race for children?

Yes, every Thursday there will be a ski race for children. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday afternoon. Each child receives a medal and a certificate of the instructors as well as our "Leo" mascot.


Do I need to learn skiing before snowboarding?

You do not need to be able to ski before starting to learn snowboarding. However it can be helpful.

At what age my child can learn snowboarding?

Your child should be at least 8 years to learn snowboarding in the group. Within private classes we teach your child even from 5-6 years in snowboarding.

Is snowboarding more difficult than skiing?

The beginning of snowboarding most people appear more difficult and exhausting. For adults it´s generally much easier to learn skiing. For children at the age of 10 years or older snowboarding is easier to learn and more exciting.  

Terms and liability

Does the insurance of the ski school cover the case of an injury?

No. The ski school is not liable in the case of injury.  

Do I get in the case of injury or illness the course fee refunded?

Upon presentation of a local doctor's certificate you get the differential amount with a value voucher refunded. This is also valid for your ski pass.